Sunday, December 21, 2014

What you've been missing!

So, yes.. I have not updated the blog in a very long time and I apologize!  I'm back on board and will make sure I get some stuff out to you guys every week. Maybe daily!? ..Thats pushing it.

Everyone wants to know.. "What have you been up to Allen"?  Well.. in a nutshell here it goes:

There has been a TON going on in my Music & Acting Career, and I am very grateful for it.
I've been working non-stop on New Music, Studio Recording, Auditions Galore, Commercials, Print work & Short Films, Reality TV, Working on my Web Series #ABREALITY & working extensively with my Acting Coach & good friend, Joseph Pearlman.  Which I will break down in detail in my next blog post!  Kinda cheating I know..

- Season 8 Episode 2

Most recently, I was featured on "The Millionaire Matchmaker" (Not the last episode I will be featured in) -hint.. hint.. w/ Patty Stanger & Chili "TLC".  This was an interesting experience, let's just say - I did not go on any final dates, nor did I find any "Millionaires" but enjoyed the experience!  ;)  My attitude on the show wasn't really what Patty was looking for, for her "match" Chili, but I had an awesome time getting drunk and hitting on women as usual.  Patty knew I was an Actor but didn't really want me mentioning any of that.. So when I brought up "Musician" she blew it off (and her pain in the ass assistant was kind of shocked that I was just being me). I think I got someone in trouble there ;O  - good.  You can see her ShOcKed when I hesitate to mention my Web/Marketing Business.  (They want strictly "Business Professionals" on the show).

The Episode Aired the other night on #Bravo - Look out for more of my wise ass on #TheMillionaireMatchmaker on a few upcoming Episodes!  #FunTimes

I have to say.. Patty & Crew, and all you delightful Casting Directors on the show are so kick ass. Thank you for such an awesome experience.  You know who you are :)

more 411:
  1. Chilli & Jeff Ogden
  2. "Now that her son has turned 17 years old, singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas is looking for love with a down-to-earth guy; John Salley helps retired NFL player Jeff Ogden navigate the dating scene".
  3. Air dateDecember 14, 2014

AB REALITY Trailer #2 Released (Extended)

Hey guys, for those of you who missed it.. I released a little "Extended Trailer" for AB REALITY SERIES a few months back.  You can check out the video below or on YouTube.  It's a little long, lol (about 6mins) -but it's a collection of random footage that won't be used on the actual Series.

The first Official Webisode, will be released early 2015.  Keep those eyes and ears Peeled!
Thanks for your support as always, & very special thanks to Elie Ribacoff of "Worldwide Security"for being the 1st Funder for the Series.  :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Allen Benatar Reality Series Trailer #1 HD Released!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Expect to see a TON more on my BLOG!

I apologize for the LACK of UPDATES to my Blog the past few months.. But..
I'm back and it's going to be packed with goodies so be sure to stay tuned!
Here are a couple of random pictures from the past few months on stage and on Cam/Set.

Thanks guys ;)

Over 100,000 views for Slapping Heidi's Ass? "DEAL WITH IT"

So apparently the "HEIDI KLUM ASS SLAP" Video from Howie Mandel's New TV Show on TBS "DEAL WITH IT" that we filmed pretty much just when I just moved to LA (and was still subletting a womans PINK bedroom) has gained over 100,000 views..  Common' guys, you can do better than that!! ;)

For those of you that haven't seen the commercial or full episode on TBS, you can check it out on YouTube here .  This one was taken from YouTube on 3/23/14 3:09PM alongside another video with a bit over 98,000 views.  Of course 90% of it was cut like all TV/Movie footage but it was enough to keep people glued to the screen.
Keep it coming !

Thanks again to #HowieMandel #TheoVon #HeidiKlum & Casting Directors for making it all happen ;)

Sunday, January 5, 2014



This year is going to be unforgettable.. 

THANKS to my entire FAMILY for all of your support through the toughest times.. When I say FAMILY I mean EVERYONE I INTERACT WITH or I have ever spoken to. YOU ARE ALL MY FAMILY. I LOVE ALL OF YOU 

I haven't forgotten anyone, and LA definitely will NOT change me.. (Except maybe my looks)  but you all know I am still the same Allen just following my dreams and kickin' ass. I seriously would not be where I am today without my FAMILY.

ENJOY THE NEW YEAR, make some resolutions or plans you will stick to but don't aim too big too fast.. start small and have 1 main GOAL to get to, and in the end you will get extraordinary results. Push your limits, be strong mentally and physically. Take control of your mind, it's the strongest thing you have besides your heart.

Travel, Love, Share, Spend time with the people who mean the most to you because LIFE IS VERY SHORT. Follow your dreams & your heart - Meet new people, hold the door for someone, let someone cut ahead of you in traffic.. make a difference. The law of attraction will bring you 10X what you put out into the universe.

Ok.. enough BS talk. Love you ALL! ENJOY BE SAFE AND KICK FUCKING' ASS IN 2014.

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