Sunday, January 18, 2015

Photoshoot w/ the Infamous Tim Courtney.


               Tim got in touch with me a few months ago about doing a shoot together. Although he didn't plan on shooting anymore "models" for this particular project.. he wanted to get this last shoot in with me.  Of course I was honored after seeing his work (and EXTENSIVE Clientele'), and gladly accepted.
               We shot in the Posh Mondrian Hotel off of Sunset Blvd, Hollywood in a Deluxe Studio suite.   As soon as I met Tim and his kick ass Makeup Artist Haylee, I knew this was going to be an amazing shoot.  Not only was Tim welcoming and extremely professional, but he has the most interesting and well thought out idea's.. always asking my opinion before making final decisions.  Haylee was quick and on point, sharing her opinion with Tim & I as well, which you hardly ever see.  We were a collaborative team on this project.  
               Tim has an incredible way of working.  He has a vision, and makes it happen.  Tim also has a totally different way of doing each scene, shooting each idea with a specific song/artist playing in the background.  This way of shooting was fairly new for me, and totally changed the vibe (set the mood) which was really helpful!  It made for a very smooth transition when I was "changing character" for each scene.
               The shoot went into the evening and ended with a few scenes including a few of my drum pieces.  I can't wait to see how it all comes out, and definitely can't wait to work with Tim again in the very near future.  I highly recommend Tim as a Pro Photographer, plus he's an awesome dude to know and totally REAL (which is rare to find in this industry)!  Thank you Tim & Haylee, you rock!

Look out for a 1-on-1 interview session w/ Tim Courtney and I after the shoot on AB Reality Series
Check out Tim Courtney's website, his Clientele below:

Celebrity Clientele       Corporate/Business Clientele
Dr. Maya Angelou              Edelman LA.Chicago.NYC
Sir Ian McKellen                 Four Seasons Hotel
Shirley Mac Laine               USA Today
Queen Latifah                   GQ Magazine
Fran Drescher                   Forbes Traveler
Bea Arthur                        Vanity Fair
Chad Allen                        Vogue
Shirley Jones                      Los Angelenos
Rupert Everrett                  Dance & Fitness
Valerie Harper                  Boutique Design
Kathy Griffin                     Vegas News
Tom Ford                         Design & Architecture
David Cassidy                   Sipco Publications
Phyllis Diller                      A&U
James (Badge) Dale           Miller Hospital
Tate Donovan                   Big Bang Products
Nell Carter                        Applebaum House
Janet Jackson                    O-Bar Restaurant
98 degrees                      Citizen Smith Restaurant
Anthony Hopkins               Blend Restaurant
Edwin Mc Caine                The Rio, Las Vegas
Jeff Probst                        City of San Francisco
Sheryl Lee RalpH               Maggie Berry Fashions
Chris Showerman              Flying Pescado Pictures
Marla Gibbs                      Women in Film
Galen Gering          
Eva Tomargo Lemus          Italian Consulant, Los Angeles
Journee Smollett                New Times Magazine
Bryce Johnson                   GO Soft Wear
Beth Broderick                  Tiki Shark-Body Glove, Inc.
Jimmy                               Lyons Johnston’s & Ass.
Jennifer Benson                 RED Campaign
David Deluise                   Grove Press
Carol Channing                 Ballentine Publishing
Erin Murphy                      Barry's Boot Camp
Margret Cho                     Dance LA
CCH Pounder                    Air Alpha, Inc
Mother Love                      First Movies
Eric Stoltz                         Thomas Schoos Design
Heather Tom                    JMA
Kathy Najimy                    CBS
Nancy Wilson                    ABC
Heather Tom                    OM4 Men's Skin Care
Warren Beatty         
Wilmer Valderrama            Shell Oil
Greg Louganis                   Fidelity Investments
Anthony Hopkins               Vapour Organic Beauty
Kevin Zeggers                   HBO

    Some selfie shot's during the shoot!

          Thanks to the awesome Hotel Staff for your Hospitality

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