Saturday, February 14, 2015

A few pix released from my Photoshoot for "GMC"

Here are a couple of pictures from my Phooshoot for #GMC Trucks!  I figured it would be a perfect time to release these .. on Valentines Day :)

The theme was very "Sad" & "Depressed".. A lot of Crying.  :(
It was exciting & pretty interesting to get into character for this one.  There were real tears involved & a ton of emotions released.  We shot down over at the beautiful Santa Monica Pier.  

The link will soon be available to view on GMC's Website.  It's supposed to resemble men who haven't upgraded or bought a GMC Truck.. "yet".

Well here they are.. enjoy the sadness - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! <3

Photo Credit: (SNH) Sabrina Noel Hill Photography

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