Thursday, March 5, 2015

Awesome visit back to Miami -------> Killer trip back to LA.

There's nothing like visiting back home (or a vacation spot of your choice) to get away from all the chaos in LA for a week or two.  I call this my "RESET".  It's like rebooting your computer or cleaning the cache in your web browser.  Or even better - Emptying the recycle bin!!

My trip back to Miami (where I lived for 4yrs before moving to LA) was amazing as usual.  It was great seeing family and some of my best friends, staring at palm trees and watching the insane sunsets.  ahh... nothing like the ol' dirty south.

The only thing that sucked, was using the Delta credit I have been avoiding using.  Can I say "avoiding using"?  Anway.. I usually only fly #JETBLUE which Im proud to say is one of the best airlines I have ever flown in the US.  Clean, Electrical Outlets, Free Wifi, awesome staff & real food!
Delta on the other hand.. sucks shit.  Not to mention my delays coming back, layover in Atlanta and missing my last flight (which was kind of my fault), but Delta didn't announce their "all passengers now boarding" alert.  Not loud enough.

I was able to get a lot of footage of the trip which will be featured on a future episode of #ABREALITY


#194 in line to take off

I really did capture this guy having lunch

Balcony #Sunset = Priceless.

Mountains or Chocolate?  Maybe just starving, because #Delta gives you a pack of peanuts the size of a condom package as food.

My boat.  Ok mines a Lego.  Same shit.

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