Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Inspiration & Motivation!

                 Everyone has their "down time" and I hear a lot of Actors/Musicians respond to the question "How's everything going?" with - "Eh, not too good things could be busier" or "I don't know just having a down month and analyzing everything" which happens to ALL of us at some point in our career or everyday life. Some also re-evaluating their situation and re-thinking their life decisions.  The worst 2 in my opinion - Thinking about how easy it would be to quit and get a "regular job", and having regrets about past decisions.  My 2 answers for this are 1) If you leave any room for second thoughts or an easy way out, you're setting yourself up for failure.  2) Have no regrets!  If you start regretting decisions you've made in the past and blaming yourself for your present situation, you're not looking forward.  Looking back can only do harm, besides.. it's already done with -Who gives a shit?!

I want to share some awesome video's that could really help change your views and your life for that matter.  First off I've got to give it to "The Secret".  A family friend gave me the book as a gift years ago and I read through it thinking "wow this is pretty cool shit".  After reading the book I looked up some Video's on YouTube and found the Full Version of the movie.  Believe it or not this changed my life.  The movie blows away the book.
It was around the time my Grandma (my best friend in the world) passed away.  I was doomed and just couldn't think of anything positive about anything for a while.  I started listening to the secret to fall asleep at night on my phone, and during the day when I felt down or discouraged.  Within a few weeks the stories and energy in these video's were imprinted in my mind and I started noticing jurassic changes in my daily life as I applied this way of thinking to everything I did.  Follow the link below to watch the Full Version of "The Secret" and let me know what you think of it.  I'd love to hear your stories & opinions.

The second one I'd like to share is my favorite motivational speaker "Eric Thomas".. 
Listen to his videos or Mp3's on Spotify/his website etc. when you feel unmotivated or down..
This guy is guaranteed to lift you up guys!  His stories and quotes are extremely motivating and stick in your head so that you can easily refer to them when needed.

*Best Quotes Ever = 2:34, 3:00

Eric Thomas Website

Hopefully these tools can help reassure you guys when you're not feeling like you are on the right path, or have hit a standstill in your life or career.  No need to be depressed, alone or unmotivated.  Don't let your own mind take control of you, take control of your own damn mind!

I'd love to get your take on these, let me know how it goes :)

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